“Her Thorough Complete, Laser-Focused Answers Always Get Me Through My Challenges”

“I really wanted to take a few moments and share with you really the privilege I have had of getting to know and work with my amazing college and mentor of mine, Diane Conklin of CompleteMarketingSystems.com.

She is one of the standouts in our industry when it comes to marketing expertise. For me, being a young entrepreneur there is so much of a learning curve and so many different aspects of business one can really learn about, especially in the realm of marketing yourself online and really building a direct marketing business. And I have had so many questions and things I’m just not sure of that I really had the pleasure of running by Diane and just getting the most thorough, complete, laser focused answer I need to get me unstuck from what was challenging me and really advance to that next stage of growth in my business.

The reason she is such an expert at doing that is the fact that her knowledge and expertise really is multi-faceted. She brings a wealth of experience from event planning to social media to direct mail to email marketing to information marketing as a whole. So many people out there are great at one piece of the puzzle but Diane has the total package and has put it all together in a one stop shop. A lot of entrepreneurs really find themselves stuck in putting all the pieces together and really mastering every aspect of running a business and really marketing yourself successfully and that is something that Diane has mastered to an absolute science.

If you’re thinking about learning from her or wondering what she can do for your business I just whole heartedly encourage you to see what she has to offer and really learn from her expertise. She has been in this industry for so many years. Again she’s mastered so many different facets of running a business and she’s just have a wealth of knowledge and inspiration and ideas to share with you to get you to the next stage of growth, whatever that might be for you. I hope you learn a bit more about Diane and work with her very soon because she is just one of the most authentic, giving, experienced mentors you could ever wish or ask for.

Thanks again Diane! You are absolutely amazing.

Adam Haroun


Montreal, Quebec – Canada

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