“In Just 4 Months, Working With Diane, I Went From A 5 Figure To A 6 Figure Business”

“I have been following Diane for a long time, and watching what she is up to because there aren’t many women who have a high profile in marketing specifically in the kind of areas in which she excels.

Something that has always really struck me about Diane is her generosity. If you meet hershe will start talking to you about stuff you could do, what your business is doing, ideas shehas. She is so very generous. Shegives so much that I amalways blown away. Before I met Diane I was blown away by her professional expertise, and after meeting her, I was blown away by her as an actual person.

I have a business that is growing at a phenomenal pace and a large part of the business is actually done-for-youservices and to grow my business so I’m not completely stressed out all the time,I neededto have really good systems in place. So, I needed somebody to work with me on that. I also needed somebody to work with me one-on-one about my marketing, my sales conversations, and time management. Diane has been very, very helpful with that.

Within the first 4 months of coaching with Diane, I went from a 5 figure to a 6 figure business. And that’s not something that would have happened if I hadn’t been working with Diane. That’s usually the first thing that people want to know about what’s the impact on the bottom line of you investment. That was mine and that is pretty impressive.

The other stuff that I have gained from working with Diane is more on the lines of having a whole lot of systems in place. Having work plans in place, and having somebody review everything about the business. I see Diane very much as my strategic partner. It’s almost like having a partner in my business.She adds amazing value to my business.

There is nothing I don’t feel able to discuss with Diane. I talk money, cash flow, all kinds of stuff with her, so she has a very clear picture of what’s going on in my business and how she can help. One of the biggest advantages has been when you’re having a bad week,or stuff isn’t going right and you really need some help, with Diane, I just know that I’ve got a coaching call coming up and I can send an email saying “help, this is what’s going on right now, this is what I really need to find a way through”. Then we can spend that coaching call working on solutions and moving forward really positively. Before I would just be stuck or I’d be asking the wrong kind of people like my friends, and they wouldn’t know what the solutions were.

Having somebody like Diane on hand is just unbelievable, and makes a massive, massive difference to my day-to-day work . If you want a really successful business thenyou have to hitch your wagon to people that are successful. How else would I be able to access this level of expertise unless I was taking part in a coaching program such as this.

Diane has won international awards for her marketing expertise and to have that kind of input into your business is invaluable and it’s been completely worth it.

So, if you want to contact me and speak to me about my experience I would be more than happy to do that. Diane is so very generous with her time and expertise. The support and the non-judgment that’s come through has been amazing. It really has meant a lot to me.

To me you have the best of both worlds. You have somebody with actual expertise and skills and knowledge that they can share with you, but you also have the support on a personal level that I think is on the other side of a coaching coin which I think is amazing too.

Diane, thank you so much. You’re a complete superstar and I love working with you.

Alison Rothwell


Lancashire, UK

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