Marketing Success Secrets

ATTENTION: Beginners, Novices, Newbies, and First-timers
AND … Veterans that Need A Check-up From The Neck Up Or A Swift Reminder About The Secrets to Marketing Success … You’re About to Discover …

Everything You Need To Know To

Skyrocket Your Sales
& Dominate
Your Marketplace

With The Ultimate Success Tool…

Dear Friend,

Before I dig in to present to you what has been one of my proudest accomplishments – a tool that you’ll want to study, keep, and refer to now and throughout your entrepreneurial lifetime …

Let me begin by telling who can benefit most from it.

If you’ve been at this marketing thing for a while and think you know it all, don’t be so sure. There’s a good chance that you’re missing a key ingredient or two that could make all the different in the growth you can achieve this year and beyond.

If you just decided for the first time today that you’ll start your own business and don’t know where to turn to implement or sort out what to do first regarding some of the things you’ve heard you should do, then this message is for YOU!

It may seem like quite a stretch for you to believe that you’ll benefit from what I’m about to share no matter which category you fall into, especially considering that an experienced entrepreneur has a big head start on somebody who’s just getting started in their business, or who’s in the first few years of their business. But stick with me.

You’re about to find out that it really doesn’t matter where you are in your business life. Truth is truth. What works is what works. And …

If You Want to Succeed as an Entrepreneur and GROW Your Business …

You Better Know


Before I tell you about the amazing foundation builder I’ve put together that will literally sustain your growth for as long as you’re in business … understand, I’m not saying the direction of your business can’t change. On the contrary, my own business is living, breathing proof that it’s good when it does change.

What I’m suggesting is that you only have the ability to GROW and experience awesome changes when your foundation is as solid as a rock.

Maybe you’ve been at this business thing for a while now, and you’ve started to “own a job” instead of “owning a business.” Don’t be offended or discouraged by me saying that. It happens to the best of us. But there is a BIG difference between these two scenarios, and if you find yourself feeling like you have a J.O.B. you’ll be so happy to know that there is life on the other side.

You don’t have to live and breathe your business every single minute of the day and every single day of the year. Yes, I believe there is no reward without hard work. But I can tell you, having lived through it myself, and having guided hundreds of ultra successful entrepreneurs (perhaps ones just like you) to success …

This Proprietary Education And System For Business Growth Will End Your Nightmare!

Imagine what it would feel like to take on more clients and EASILY earn more income. Imagine doing that without feeling overworked and overwhelmed. That’s what I experience and what my clients experience after going through my business growth process. And keep in mind,this is an ongoing process. You don’t do it once and then forget about it.

What I rely on to catapult my business is an easy to follow process that I revisit and rework every few months. And if you want your business to not just survive, but to GROW, even THRIVE, then you better learn how to do this too!

If you’re just starting out, you’re actually a lot luckier than those entrepreneurs who started their business without this system. It will save you years of heart ache (and heart attacks!) and provide you with the strength to take your business wherever you want it to go … to GROW as big as you want to get … to make as much money as you want to make!

Can you imagine that?

It is 100% possible. HERE’S HOW …

I recently spent time developing a detailed video, audio, manual course that is the culmination of my entire entrepreneurial career. I did this because not only do the new business ownerswho seek out my expertise and guidance need a solid marketing foundation they can build on forever, but there are a lot of ‘already in business’ entrepreneurs who are in serious pain because they lack the foundation provided in this system.

You know who you are! I did this for you.

If you’re starting from scratch you’ll be glad to know this course not only introduces you to unchanging marketing principles, but shows you how to use cutting edge marketing strategies and effective media to level the playing field, for you, so you’ll be speaking the same language as the veterans.

But you’ll also be excited to learn that this course will have you playing in their big leagues before you know it because it contains advanced marketing strategies and secrets that are PROVEN and work again and again. Anyone can learn these strategies and I’ve presented them in such a way that they’re easy to digest and easy to implement.

We’ll start at the beginning with the Marketing Basics, the foundation really, and you’ll go through the entire process and will walk away with your own “Marketing Plan” (a.k.a. BUSINESS DIRECTION). Again, don’t skip this section even if you’ve been in business for a while. It’s an important foundation for the process you’re about to go through …

Let’s get started! Allow me to introduce you to … drumroll please …

Marketing Success Secrets

How to GROW Your Business and
Attract More Ideal Clients with
Simple, Effective Marketing Strategies

This is what business success is all about my friend!

In this system, is everything you’ll need, starting from scratch, to take your business from $0 to six figures, to seven figures and beyond. You’ll discover detailed ‘how to’ instructions on how to infuse your business with lasting marketing strength, including …

  • Marketing Basics – the foundation of knowledge you need and will continue to refer to even after being in business for 10 years or more. You’ll discover:
    • When the marketing really starts, including the big mistake that most business owner’s make in the communication chain and how you can avoid it.
    • When it comes to your target market, there’s actually something that’s more important than your product or service, or whatever solution you’re presenting. You’ll learn what that ONE thing is so you can tip the scale in your favor and make more sales.
    • The 3 Big Marketing Myths. You need to get your head right about these things. Experienced entrepreneurs make these mistakes all the time. Knowing the truth is how you’ll avoid this mistake and build your business based on real relationships and real market data.
    • The difference between persuasion and manipulation and how understanding that difference will make you a better marketer, and a more successful business owner.
    • The BIG advantage you have and need to use over GoDaddy, Walmart, Best Buy and all the other big name brand advertisers.

List Building – some entrepreneurs devote ALL of their attention to this one area of growth and I believe that’s a mistake. Just like when driving a car, you MUST know how to fill it with gas or it won’t be long before you’re puttering out on the side of the road. In fact, list building is the one skill that you cannot survive (for long) without as a business owner. You’ll find:

“Now I Know Why Having A Plan In Place Is So Important…I Finally Have Traction In My Business”

Diane’s “Marketing Success Secrets™” revealed to me the power of planning! Before I invested in this course, I was content to be hazy with the direction of my business. Any time I heard about a new strategy or tool, I’d revamp my offerings. No wonder I couldn’t get any traction!


In this course, I discovered that having a plan in place can be freeing!


Based on what I learned here, I’m able to slot all of my grand visions into workable chunks. I’ve never been this clear!


Now, I’m confident about how and when to launch my forthcoming book, roll out my new programs and get a great ROI (Return On Investment) from all my marketing activities.


I can’t wait to see what Diane offers next, because I already know I want it!

Toni V. Martin
Atlanta, GA
  • The one thing that’s more important than the size of your list … even if you have 100,000 people on your list, this will make all the difference in your sales
  • The top 10 ways to build your list starting from scratch (and the pros and cons of each) including which ones will help you grow your list FAST.

Types of Media – In this section you’ll discover the most effective types of media to use when marketing your business (many are FREE) and you’ll discover some you may not have thought about using. You’ll also learn about media buying and the all-important concept of matching the correct message to the right marketing with the best media to reach them. Plus …

  • How to determine the best media to use to get more customers and repeat buyers.
  • The big myth about direct mail and how to do it right so it’s possibly cheaper than some of the other media you’re relying on.
  • The key ingredient to success with any marketing effort, no matter which media you use.
  • How to use social media to go from “we’re friends” to “let’s do business!” A lot of people get this wrong. It takes time but I’ll show you how to do it effectively (which means profitability so you are making money with your social media efforts…like you should be with all the media you’re using in your business).
  • Not using teleseminars and/or webinars is a mistake. We’ll discuss several ways you can put them to use to strengthen your relationships, gain visibility, and make more sales.
  • How to keep money automatically depositing into your bank account while you’re on vacation, or just doing other things, with teleseminars and webinars
  • Some of the most effective media to use are permission based. You might not even realize that you currently have permission to market to some of your existing customers through these media. Using them could boost sales by 20, 30, or even 40%!
  • The very best way to use television and radio as lead generators. Yes, even very small companies, with very small marketing budgets, can use these methods!
  • How often to send your newsletter, and why it’s a very smart and affordable strategy to control your relationship. You’ll see that, even if you’re a one man show, you can pull this off so much easier than you think.
  • Why you shouldn’t care whether people ever visit your website again once they’ve been there once and done this ONE thing. Yes, repeat traffic to your website is completely unnecessary if this one action is taken by every visitor the first time.

Integration and Measurement – Integration is about using more than one marketing media at once to get a better result, like lacing your fingers to create a strong grip – it works! You absolutely, must know how to tie it all together in the most effective way to produce your desired result – especially when it comes to using more than two media at once. If you don’t, you’ll end up with a lot of wasted marketing effort and dismal results. Measurement is how you’ll know what works and what doesn’t, so you’ll actually be able to focus more on what does work and stop doing what doesn’t. This particular section of the course is all about giving you the biggest bang for your marketing buck. This is how you’ll achieve lasting marketing strength. You’ll also see …

    • How to get all your marketing messages opened and read!
    • The two things that tracking your results does for you. Most people only think of the first one, but the second one is HUGE and can show you precisely what strategies to employ to get MORE sales!

  • Integrating follow-up media with your original offer can generally increase your sales by 50%. You’ll find out how you can even further INCREASE that number very easily.
  • How to use your own marketing data “history” to boost your sales beyond your best month in that history
  • How to script out your income FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR!

  • Using measurement as your “roadmap for success.” Yes, your measurement skills have a direct correlation to your success. This is when you’ll learn to measure accurately so you can ,make exactly the right decisions that will make you even more money.

Target Market – Target Market further discusses message to market match for business owners looking to drive more traffic to their websites and these essential elements: How to find your target market, how to look at niche markets, where target and niche markets hang out, how to research target markets, how to drive more traffic. Plus…

That essential question to determine your “niche” inside your target market

How to use Google and Adwords to find your Target market

Learn how to define your target so you know them on a more personal level, allowing them to feel like what you offer is specifically for them as individuals

Utilizing Facebook, Twitter, forums, bulletin boards, meet-ups and even your local Library to find your Target Market!

When is the right time to test your market for FREE? You’ll also discover how FREE can turn into income!

Marketing Plans – why you need one at all times in your business, how to make one, how to change your marketing plan, and how to construct it in a way that actually supports your goals and leads you to success. Also…

Marketing Myths and the truth behind them.

Discover how to change Manipulation to Persuasion and use it correctly and effectively in your marketing

Getting started with Direct Marketing; finding ideas and strategies that work for your business!

Discover how you can change your image advertising to direct response effectively!

And last but FAR from least …

My Proprietary Business GROWTH Method

P.L.A.N.S.™ – If you’re not familiar with my proprietary Marketing tool, P.L.A.N.S.™ stands for Plan and Prepare, Leverage, Action, Next and Now, and Strategy & Systems

This is the method I personally use to develop and fine-tune direction for my own business as well as for my clients. It works amazingly well and when you study the “Marketing Success Secrets™” system you’ll find it becoming a part of your everyday language and culture. And it should!

Obviously the course not only explains P.L.A.N.S.™ on three videos, but also walks you through, in detail, how to periodically rework and hone your P.L.A.N.S.™ to CONSTANTLY move you forward and GROW your business.

So you’ll not only have a thorough understanding of the most effective marketing strategies and tactics and how they apply to your business … you’ll walk away with an actual marketing calendar and marketing plan with your business planned out for an entire year!

PAY IN FULL – $497.00

(3 Payments of $197)

Keep in mind that this isn’t just a “plan” it’s a day-by-day marketing action plan that leads you to achieving your next business goals. No, the calendar is not set in stone. Youcan make changes. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll meet your goals with your plan in place. It’s worked for me and it’s worked for hundreds of my clients. Planning in business is not a new idea, but no one ever shows you step-by-step how to do it for maximum results. You’re going to love what this does for you personally and for your business.

“I’m No Longer Overwhelmed With Tasks Or Wondering Where To Start”

After going through Diane’s “Marketing Success Secrets™”system, I feel so inspired and empowered! I’m just starting out in my business, as a parenting coach, and as a result, felt overwhelmed with start-up tasks and was not clear on where to start. I don’t feel that way anymore!

Diane’s “blueprint” lays it out so beautifully and systematically.

I have the confidence that if I follow her steps, I will be able to attract clients and get my message to the families who can use my support. I’m passionate about helping families to thrive, and feel lucky that I’ve connected with Diane who can help my coaching practice to thrive!

Sherri Boles-Rogers
ACPI-Certified Parenting Coach
Atlanta, GA

Why should you listen to me ?

“You Made It So EASY To Learn”

Wow, Diane, we were amazed at how detailed and comprehensive your “Marketing Success Secrets™” course is! Best of all, you made it so easy to learn. Anybody can do it!

For us, the Marketing Basics and P.L.A.N.S.TM modules were especially helpful to get and keep our expanding business on the right track. The plans and roadmaps are making a HUGE difference in our productivity and business focus.

And, the systems! From firsthand experience, we know it’s way too easy for entrepreneurs, like us, to get sucked into working IN our businesses, but your marketing systems really work well and get us to step back and work ON the business instead. Thank you so much! This is awesome!

Kerry & Dom Cassone
Northborough, MA

Good question! Since you’re here, there’s a good chance you’ve heard my story before so I won’t bore you with the long version.

Suffice it to say that there is rarely an aspect of business that I do not have intimate working knowledge of. I’ve been student, employee – assistant & manager, and CEO. I’ve seen it from all angles!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying if you’re in the blueberry pie business that I’ve made a lot of blueberry pies in my life. I may very well not know exactly what it takes to create or manufacture your particular widget if you have one. But that doesn’t matter.

You may have heard before that the big leaps in income and business growth come when you stop working IN your business and you start working ON your business. If you’ve never heard that before … please … read it again. If you’ve heard it a million times already you’ll be glad to know that you’ve landed in my sweet spot!

I spent more than 17 years working ON other people’s businesses as a consultant and a coach, and I continue to do that. More importantly, I have businesses of my own and I understand the mental discipline it takes to stop working so hard IN your business and start working smartly ON it.

I’ll admit that when I finally made the decision to be less of an implementer for other people, less of a service provider, and focus on being a coach and mentor to entrepreneurs like you, I struggled with the things most entrepreneurs face … not enough time in the world to do it all … too many demands pulling me in a million different directions … and a todo list so big that it was sometimes hard to know where to start.

What I’ve determined from that experience is that there are two vital ingredients to being successful in business (and you’d be shocked about who doesn’t have the second one) …

Dogged Determination & “Marketing Direction”

(A.K.A. – a compass &
map for your business)

If you need help with the “Dogged Determination” part of things then I’m happy to help you with that, or even be your coach. But,if you’re already in business for yourself, or you’ve already made the decision to start your business,you probably already have doggedly determined to succeed.

One more word about that … the “Dogged” part of the determination requirement is an ongoing, living, breathing commitment that you’ll continue to make every single day you’re in business. You will not see a hungry dog give up until he devours the dangling steak that’s just out of his reach. Once he eats that one, it isn’t long before he’s persistently chasing another. You cannot give up or cease your pursuit until you’ve achieved your ultimate business dream reality.

When I say you need direction, I’m not talking about one campaign, or one offer, or how much money you’d like to make (although those things are certainly part of it). What I’m saying is that you need to give your business constant direction. You wouldn’t take your hands off the steering wheel of your car and expect it to magically transport you to your desired destination. Right?
And that’s why I’ve put this course together. It’s all-encompassing, EVERYTHING you need to know to drive, thrive and GROW, no matter what business you’re in.

I’ve conservatively set the price for the “Marketing Success Secrets™” at $497 (and there’s a 3-payment plan available as well). I intentionally wanted it to be less than $500 bucks because I want this to be a real no-brainer decision for you. I guarantee you that you will refer back to this system over and over again, throughout your career, and it will lead you to a business dream reality that you may have never imagined was possible.

Speaking of guarantees, here’s one that won’t come as a shock if you know me.

Marketing Success Secrets

How to GROW Your Business and
Attract More Ideal Clients with
Simple, Effective Marketing Strategies

Is Backed By My 100%, No Questions Asked, 30 Day, Unconditional, GUARANTEE

I can’t say it any more clearly than that, but I’ll give it a shot …

Read, watch, listen, and GROW as much as you possibly can over the next month. STUDY this system as if your business’ livelihood depended on it. By the way …In my opinion, it does! If, after a full month, you haven’t found the 3 hours of video, 6 hours of audio, and 7 workbook manuals to be everything you need it to be to infuse your business with lasting marketing strength that will help you achieve whatever goals you set, just let me know, and I’ll happily refund your entire investment.

I almost forgot … I had the videos and audios transcribed and I’m throwing them in as a BONUS! So you’ll get a written reference of every audio and video component included with “Marketing Success Secrets™” – 7 transcripts in total.

I’m doing this because I personally find transcripts to be such a valuable learning tool. I’m a multi-sensory learner and I listen to educational programs in the car (because I love making the most of that time) and watch videos on my computer because that’s where I’m used to doing my studying. But I love transcripts because, let’s face it, you can’t take notes on a digital product!

PAY IN FULL – $497.00

(3 Payments of $197)

The last thing I’ll say is that results don’t lie! In addition to the glowing recommendations I receive from so many of my clients (I hope you’ll The last read the ones below), I know how to produce results. How do I do that? I use the system you’re about to receive.

I started a brand new Information Marketing business, from scratch, with an already successful insurance business owner and just 90 days into it, we were at 6 figures. Less than 2 short years later, that business is at over $1.5 million. The day I started working on this we didn’t have a bank account or even company name.

Eighteen months later I took a buy-out and my former partner is now successfully running the business.

6 Figures In Less Than 90 Days!

Now I use this proprietary system when I work with my private coaching clients. I recently helped a brand new marketer go from zero to 6 figures in only 90 days. I know that seems like a hyped up story, but it really happened. From scratch, in a brand new business…

Casey Graham’s story should be very instructional to you. He just achieved 6 figure status in less than 90 days starting from scratch (selling to Church’s!) with the help of me and my system. He was a consultant to Church’s helping them increase their giving and getting more donations. Basically, he was trading dollars for hours and couldn’t see a way out of that situation. We met and he immediately hired me as his coach. Less than 3 months later Casey reached the 6-figure milestone and less than a year later, he’s making more than $1,000,000.00 a year in that business … selling to Churches!

I’ve helped my clients achieve results like this all while successfully growing my own information marketing business by nearly 200% in the past few years to a very healthy six figures.

NOW It’s Your Turn!

To Your Success!!

“You Need This If You Want To Get A Handle On Your Marketing & Your Business”

The Complete Marketing Systems “Marketing Success Secrets™” system delivered much more than I expected.

Diane is very dynamic and presents pearls of wisdom with energy and humor throughout the entire course, which I keep on my shelf as a valuable resource that I go to over and over again as I need help and assistance.

I highly recommend “Marketing Success Secrets” for anyone who wants to get a handle on their marketing programs and their business as well.

Karolyn Vreeland Blume

Arlington, Virginia

P.S. As a reminder, you’re only going to achieve the growth you want to experience, and live your ultimate business dream if you have dogged determination and the CONSTANT DIRECTION you’ll get from this all-encompassing course. It contains everything you need to know to drive, thrive and GROW, no matter what business you’re in! I and so many of my clients are living proof of that fact. Now it really is your turn.

P.P.S. Consider this FAIR WARNING … If you want everything regarding marketing your business to be done for you, this is not the resource for you. The most successful entrepreneurs I know understand that commitment to marketing and massive action is what’s necessary to reach your goals (another way of saying “Dogged Determination & CONSTANT DIRECTION”). This system will teach you exactly what to do. If you’re not ready to do the work, this isn’t for you.

P.P.P.S. Take a look at what others are saying. My clients are passionate about what I’ve done for their lives and their businesses for good reason!

“We’ve Quadrupled Our Business In Just 3 Years”

Diane, I just want to thank you for all your help, for all your support and the long friendship we’ve had and I hope that we can remain friends for a long, long time to come.Today I just want to talk to people that are maybe thinking about hiring you or thinking about investing in your”Marketing Success Secrets System™” and they’re still on the fence. Maybe they are not sure, but I can tell you when I realized that marketing was the number one job I have in my business, and when I actually started studying marketing and realized how important it is, our business changed.
We quadrupled our business in 3 years! It was just phenomenal!

As much marketing as I do now, and I know a lot about marketing, every time I work on something, every time I have a new idea I can tell you that Diane is actually the first person I always call.

I have Diane in my favorites on my phone because when you work on marketing, or anything really in your business, you can always use somebody else’s perspective. You are too close to your business and too close to your ideas, and if you just share this with someone and get a different perspective on what you are working on you can sometimes save a lot of money and sometimes save a lot of time. And that has happened to me many times.

In the conversations I’ve had with Diane and the help the “Marketing Success Secrets System™” has given me is just phenomenal.

I don’t care if you are a big internet marketer or entrepreneur, or if you already are good at what you do, we can all use help. So, I would recommend you invest in this system. If you’re new to marketing and business it’s going to be like sipping from a fire hose. If you’re an experienced marketer you’re going to get a some great nuggets. And, if you are experienced, it’s usually those little nuggets or that one thing you get, and implement, that turns into thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. There’s really no question.

Diane, thank you so much.

I highly recommend you invest in the “Marketing Success Secrets System™.” It’s always great to have somebody like Diane on your team.

Mira Beck

Tampa, FL

“With This System, I’m Growing My List Daily”

I’m just getting started in the Information Marketing business, and working with Diane’s “Marketing Success Secrets System™” has really been an eye opening experience. When I get overwhelmed, I turn to it for it’s simple strategies, and step-by-step, 1-2-3, A-B-C approach for getting things done. I’m having success!With one simple implementation strategy the system taught me, I am increasing the size of my list almost daily.

As a beginner, I was confused and not sure what direction to take, because I was trying to read every email I got, subscribe to everything I heard about, and invest in every course I could, but Diane and Complete Marketing Systems, showed me that by following her “Marketing Success Secrets System™” that’s the best way to get started and grow your business. Thanks!!

Trenia Parham

New York, NY

One Idea Generated $2,231.00 in Less Than A Week”

Diane, you are simply the best! I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have met you and have been honored to work with you and learn from you. I always leave every encounter with you thinking MUCH bigger than when I enter.Being a solo-entrepreneur has great rewards, but it can be lonely and, at times, confusing.

Learning from your “Marketing Success Secrets System™” gives me a place to turn for input and clarity. Thanks so much for everything you provide.

From just one simple idea I implemented from the system, I generated some quick income in my newest business and it turned into $2,231.00 in less than one week. And this was just the first of several steps that I will be putting into action. Thanks so much for everything!

Tom Buford

Atlanta, GA

PAY IN FULL – $497.00

(3 Payments of $197)

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