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Jill Lublin
Navato, CA

“Diane Engages The Audience In A Way I’ve Never Seen Before”

“Diane Conklin is an amazingly effective speaker! She imparts specific strategies with amazing heart and humor, and she engages the audience in a way I’ve never seen before.

Diane imparts so much knowledge everyone is able to go out and implement and get things done fast!!”

“Diane Stood Out As A Speaker With Engagement, Entertainment & Education”

“During LGBT Week NYC, Diane Conklin was one of our presenters who truly stood out amongst some truly exceptional talent. She opened our series of business presentations on the first morning and kept the audience engaged and entertained the entire time! Everyone in the audience felt like they walked away with some true gems in terms of education and knowledge in how to reach the LGBT marketplace.”


Matt Skallerud


Los Angeles, CA


Nick James

Internet Marketing Training Club

Reading, UK

“Diane Was A Massive Hit”

“Diane stirred up so much energy and enthusiasm for our Money Making Mastery attendees in London. The audience could not help but sit up and take notice of the powerful marketing and profit pulling tips she was so happy to share from the stage.

Her content and teaching style entwined with her unique sense of humor was nothing less than a MASSIVE hit.”

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